Pro Designers partners with MAXWANA

Aug 13, 2018

Pro Designers partners with MAXWANA



The agreement was signed by Ismail Mazham, Marketing Director of MAXWANA and Mohamed Shamheel, Founder & Managing Director of Pro Designers Pvt Ltd.

iiExpo® is a digital platform of MAXWANA to exhibit products and services virtually. This idea will transform the way of promoting with classical exhibitions. Unlike classical events, this digital platform will be always live throughout the whole year. iiExpo® brings the digital experience of the exhibition with more features than classical exhibitions. Registration is free and unlimited number of products can be exhibited within a stall.

Pro Designers’ is excited to bring this unique idea into reality by developing an eye-catching website for iiExpo®. Our young team of designers and developers had designed, coded and developed the website from scratch making it one of the fasted website and has made a simple User Interface to enrich the experience to make the platform user-friendly. We also intend to develop the platform even further by developing a mobile application as well as add more new features in the future. Pro Designers will work with MAXWANA to deliver the best quality service with the latest technology.