Pro Designers introduces their first CSR project

Jul 19, 2018

Pro Designers introduces their first CSR project



We are proud to introduce our first CSR project - a Client Management System for National Drug Agency (NDA) of the Maldives.

With this Client Management System, National Drug Agency can open cases within the system, enroll clients in programs, upload and track the related documents and monitor the progress throughout the case.

Here at Pro Designers, we are determined to enrich the lives of our community and strongly believe that a tranquil society can be built with the help of everyone around us. Helping the people in need is one of our key priorities and we are very enthusiastic in helping to achieve these goals. We believe we should not only focus on profit maximization.

We are keen to assist law enforcement agencies to reduce the number of drug-dependent persons and to prevent drug trafficking in the Maldives. Client Management System was officially inaugurated by the vice-president of the Maldives on “International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking 2018” held by the National Drug Agency.