Designing and development of Hologo App (AR)

Apr 23, 2018

Designing and development of Hologo App (AR)

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Pro Designers firmly believe enriching the lives of students is essential in making the world a better place. We are determined to help the students across the globe with the help of augmented reality.

To accomplish our idea, Pro Designers developed an augmented educational app in partnership with Islanders Education with the help of Apple’s recent ARkit. With Hologo, where ever you may be, look through the lens of your device into your real world and get projections of lifelike virtual images and animations customized for learning.

To cater to the business-logic of Hologo, a complex and sophisticated application-logic was build and planned all the milestones and individual tasks. Hologo app has a very rich content, which was gathered from Islanders Education. Those contents were analyzed and 3D models were created, modified and edited by our in-house team of 3D artists.

This project consists of a website catering to students, teachers, schools, universities and lifelong learners. The app was designed in a way that students can easily get used to it and learn in an enjoyable, fun environment.

Since Hologo was created using one of the most popular Augmented Reality platform, this has made Hologo’s Experience Immersive. Users can choose an experience, walk up to and around the educational AR models, zoom in and break apart objects and dive deep into the models.

Hologo is also a Social Learning Environment where teachers can create private networks with students and record lessons over the AR experiences. It is an environment where students can view, our own curated lessons in default as well as, AR models synchronized with their teachers.

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Apr 23, 2018
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